Caring With Coupons

Helping you save money so that you can help others

About Me


I am the mother of two college students,14 year old son, and wife to my high school sweetheart.

I am a pianist, teacher, and Choir Director to the greatest bunch of kids and seniors around!! Hugs to all of my kiddies and "girlfriends'!

I am the crazy coupon lady in my neighborhood.  I love coupons and I love finding them. I love making crazy deals.  I love seeing the register go from $100 to $1.  I always yell  "Cha-Ching!" when I get a good deal.  I probably scare the cashiers!  But, I just get so excited!  Even more, I love taking people with me to the grocery stores.  I love showing them the ropes, guiding them through each transaction, and watching their faces when their totals are less than $5.

It has taken me awhile to get to this point.  My journey began over 8 years ago when my daughter left for college.  To cut expenses, I decided to try coupon clipping.  At the time, there were no local classes. And so the internet searches began. I read everything that I could find, talked to managers and cashiers, and basically learned through trial and error. Six years and many mistakes later, I am now able to save from 50-99% off my grocery and drug store bills.

I am the crazed, compulsive coupon lady who will pick a coupon up off the street if I see one! 

 I am the lady who drags out oodles of coupons in the grocery line while I watch the ones behind me run for other registers! But as soon as they hear the cashier say "ma'am, that will be $ saved $158.00".....they all come running back.

 I can't even take a Sunday nap for thinking about coupons.  You do know that CVS, Walgreen, and Rite Aid deals start on Sunday don't you?: Okay, just checking. 

 I saw this saying once......."Some folks think that I have coupon ADD.  I do not, it's just..................wait a minute, there's  a coupon!."  

I am the one who lugs around this gigantic, blue binder (Sumo) with hundreds of coupons inside.  I may not be able to tell you what time of day it is, but I can tell you exactly what coupons I have and the amounts. I guess that makes me a little coupon loco!   I love the search, the strategy, and the mathematics of the game.  But all of the clipping and searching isn't just for fun.  I use my techniques to lower my personal budget amounts as well as donate to others.My passion in life is helping those less fortunate.  So many families are struggling week to week.  My mission is to show folks how to lower their expenses by using coupons and in turn ask that they donate some of their free or low cost items to food banks or pantries.  Just think what could be accomplished if we all work together to make this happen.  You can make a difference!  Even a small donation will help a family in need.  All of those small donations add up.  Remember, it only takes one person to change the lives of many! 

Main Street Baptist Church, in Kernersville, collects items for their pantry as well as Crisis Control and the Women's Shelter.

If you would like to donate, call the front office of Main Street Baptist at 993-4543 for drop off instructions.  We are not equipped to handle refrigerated items.  Any non-perishable items would be greatly appreciated!

Glad to have you on the site!  If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at  or send a message through the Forum.

God bless and  enjoy the site!  Dawn