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 Coupon Workshops



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 Couponing Workshop

 I teach classes locally for 10+  and will travel if there are 30 or more in attendance.  There is a $12 charge for these classes.  If you bring a friends, each of you pays only $10!  This small investment will save you thousands of dollars each year once you learn the techniques that I will teach you to play the grocery and drug store game!  The class is 2 hours long and I will give you a booklet to take home.  If you follow the instructions and practice, practice, practice, you WILL become a super couponer like myself, saving as much as 100% on purchases.

I teach classes during the day (Lunch & Learns), afternoons, evenings and weekends. I teach at Garden Clubs, Church's,family gatherings, offices, etc.

Topics covered are:

Price Book

Where to find coupons

How to organize your coupons

How to read the Deals

How to use coupons

How to get the best deals at the grocery stores

How to get the best deals drug stores

Understanding the language and policies

How to read the bar code

The mathematics and strategy of it all


This is a comprehensive class meant to increase your understanding of coupon shopping at the grocery and drug stores.The class above is a 101 class intended for those new to couponing or who seek more knowledge on how to save tons of money each year!



 Look at what you can bring home each week!



  I bought all the groceries you see above for $0.36, saved $153.00, and earned money off my next shopping trip!!   It included 2 packs of chicken breasts and 2 pork tenderloins.





 I bought all of this for less than $5.00!  See, you can get real food when coupon shopping!





 This is one week's worth of deals at the drug stores.




 And here are items from my last donation.  This is the most important part of coupon shopping!  Share the love!


Let me show you how to save 50-90% off of your grocery and drug store costs.  You too can save like me.



Scheduling Coupon Classes

Posted January 6, 2011


Would you like to learn how to save at least 50% off your grocery and drug store costs?  After applying my strategies, you will consistently save at these stores.  I used to spend $250 each and every week on groceries.  Now I spend $30 - $50 or less.  Because of my stockpile, there are some weeks when I do not grocery shop at all!  Each week, I save about 90+ % at the drug stores.  Let me show you how to shop like I do. I offer classes at your church, Lunch & Learn, at your place of employment, and even in your home.  Classes last 2 hours and include a booklet to take home.  Cost is $10 per person.  If you live in Kernersville, there is a 10 person minimum.  If you live outside Kernersville (15+ minute drive), there is a 30 person minimum.  If interested, send an e-mail to  and let me show you the ins and outs of saving HUGE amounts of money.