Caring With Coupons

Helping you save money so that you can help others



Welcome to Caring With Coupons.  This site posts deals to save you 50% or more off  your Grocery, Drug store, and Large Store purchases.  As a member, you will receive daily e-mails when the site has been updated. We are a family here at Caring With Coupons.  We help, support, and encourage each other............. and give Cha-Chings to all the great deals we find!

As you become a savvy shopper, I would like to encourage you to donate some of your free or low cost items to a local pantry, food bank, or shelter.  There are many struggling families who desperately need our help.  Your donations will have a huge affect on their lives.   Even a small donation will help someone.

Be sure to sign the Guest Book while here.  If you would like to talk to other members or brag about your recent deals, go over to the Forum. Thanks for stopping in and welcome to the Caring With Coupons family where we help others by clipping one coupon at a time.